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Nixey is at least aware of her biases to some extent.
Hodgkinson reflected on a ruined temple: I recently visited the temple hvordan kan forfall av et gjeldsbrev være oppgitt of Poseidon, just south of Athens.
In, literary Review, University of Exeter medievalist Levi Roachs review is rather more kindly than Nixey deserves, but Roach does not pull his punches when he focuses on the problems with Nixeys book.Watts shows that the transition was gradual, largely without upheavals and that the Christians and the pagans were more like each other than any reader of Nixey would think.Despite both being on the transition from a pagan world to a Christian one, it is almost as though they are describing alternative realities.Nixey is quite a fan of Greek ideas that seem superficially to fit with our own and mentions the atomism of Democritus twice, blaming the Christians for the fact that none of his work survives.74 though this depiction is undercut somewhat by her admission he of course is the agent of that peril and if pushed will put them to death.These, they forced to sacrifice at the burning altars and tortured and killed any who refused.He is not writing to ask if he should kill them, but rather how many of them exactly he should kill all of them or just some?Catherine Nixey, The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, (Macmillan, 2017) 305.Last Modified: January 31, 2018, thanks for using Google Maps and Google Earth ( "Google Maps/Google Earth" ).To begin with the Academy that was closed down in Athens as a consequence of this law could not trace its history back in an unbroken line.About 98 of the population animal sacrifice was well and truly out of their price range.
Only slightly less dusty is her citation of anti-Christian polemicist Edward Gibbon writing back in 1776!
ODonnell makes clear points that seem to have eluded Nixey completely.

Imperial edicts about closing temples were issued and periodically re-issued, but they were more indications of the emperors preferences and there is little evidence of their widespread enforcement.
And she goes to remarkable lengths to downplay the death toll in the Great Persecution of Diocletian.